Since it is such a strange combination of circumstances, Qiyun also has no way, can only temporarily hold back the mood to go home, in the heart with the belly draft, quietly waiting for the city daily reporter to arrive. After dinner, Secretary Gong took everyone to a nearby meeting in the commune canteen, mainly to sum up and thank you. After the meeting, I went back to my room to sleep for a while. Although there was a spokesman, the others still had to take some group photos with the reporters to publish in the newspaper. At the first time after the disaster, they were able to organize personnel to bring supplies and go to Tianshan, North Province, to support and rescue without fear of difficulties and obstacles. In that city, Li Jiazhen’s behavior was unique. Even the province praised it and praised the city several times. In the afternoon, not only reporters and others, but also Director Jiang came by car. Originally, Director Jiang was in charge of ideological education, but because of the ideological reform plan of Shuiyue Village Primary School, Director Jiang had been running around for Li Jiazhen in the city before. Since the people above wanted to reward Li Jiazhen, the people sent were of course the first choice to be familiar with the old friends here. Interview speech this kind of thing is not difficult for Qiyun, was pulled by the reporter to take a picture alone, Director Jiang also like Wang Po who sells melons, especially actively let the reporter interview Qiyun as a great writer by the way. In addition, Secretary Gong, unwilling to lag behind, mentioned the “huge sum of money” donated by Qi Yun’s family. Thought craftsman, patriot, these labels were affixed to Qiyun’s body, the next day bought the city daily people have praised the Li town volunteer rescue team. There are also some people involuntarily crooked the center of gravity, talking about how to talk about the appearance of Qiyun, especially some aunt old lady, feel that this baby looks handsome. If you have a daughter or granddaughter, you have to look for a partner according to this standard! It’s a pity that the newspaper said that the child had a wife,Brushless Gear Motor, otherwise he could write to the newspaper office to ask about the specific situation of the child and try to see if he could be a member of his own family. In the evening, Secretary Gong had to leave them to rest for another night, but Qiyun couldn’t help it. Zheng Kaixuan also understood that he jumped up and drove the tractor with a flashlight to personally send them back to Shuiyue Village. At the Shuiyue Village Reservoir Dam, Zheng Kaixuan handed a flashlight to Qiyun. “Old Qi, be careful when you go back by yourself. I’ll go back too. When you have a good rest, my brothers will come to my house to have a drink.” Zheng Kaixuan’s home is close to the town. In the morning, he packed up and had a meal with everyone in the hostel. He couldn’t wait to go home. He held the child in his arms and made out with his daughter-in-law. In the afternoon, they came to inform Zheng Kaixuan to go to the hostel from home. Qiyun took the flashlight and waved it, “that’s for sure, when the time comes, let sister-in-law give us delicious food to go with the wine.”. I won’t leave Brother Zheng today. Next time my child is one month old, Brother Zheng and his sister-in-law must come. It was getting late, a few people simply exchanged a few words and broke up, Qiyun lived in Jiangjia nearest to the end of the village, so when he arrived at the trail, Qiyun gave the flashlight to Zhou Guoan and asked him to send Li Xiaodong back first. This early winter sky has no stars, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, dark, Li Xiaodong there but to cross the river to walk several ridges, Qiyun side standing on the path can see the candlelight from the hall of the Jiang family. Qiyun can not hold back the mood, do not know how his little girl, the original due date is October, now has been November, I do not know is the daughter or son. When the first child of two lifetimes was born, he was not there, and Qiyun felt guilty in his heart.
Qiyun stepped on the dry path all the way up, to the edge of the yard, his face could not help but show a smile, the voice of the people in the hall has been faintly heard, Qiyun’s face laughing more and more, the pace is faster and faster, “eyebrow, I’m back!” Qiyun three or two steps ran to the door of the hall, the people who were still talking in the room suddenly lost their voice, Qiyun squinted to adapt to the brighter light, and when he saw the people in the hall, he was startled, “Mom, how did you come?!” Two months ago, Ning Kaifang, who was still in Huaicheng, went to work and bought vegetables after work as usual. At that time, although she knew about the Tianshan earthquake, Ning Kaifang could only sigh a few words, and then donated all that her family could donate. Qi Haimao and Du Shan did not tell Ning Kaifang what they had done. It was not that they did not trust Ning Kaifang. The main reason was that Ning Kaifang was impatient and might say something when he was provoked. It’s not a good thing. If it’s traced, it’s possible to eat a wooden warehouse. This also has to start from the beginning, at the beginning Qiyun to Du Shan they said is to try to collect materials, want to get through other means to other places to make a lot of money. There are also some controlled items in these things, which are not the kind that the insiders can’t get out. At that time, Du Shan thought that his brother Qi was going to do great things, and after being shocked by Qi Yun’s big hand, he was full of admiration. Look, before they earn a thousand yuan, they think they are great, Qi elder brother is a few thousand yuan of capital materials, this profit is not tens of thousands of ah? So Du Shan took the two brothers to find a way to get things, waiting to do a big ticket, before Du Shan found Qi Haimao for help did not know a little bit of news. After Du Shan received a letter from Qi Yun asking him to donate everything, Du Shan could not think of a safe way to donate it, and Qi Yun also mentioned in his letter that if he had a problem, he would go to Qi Haimao. So Du Shan came to the door with a bag of fruit, and said to Qi Haimao alone, but it was a moment that Qi Haimao, who had been calm, was scared out of a cold sweat. Qi Haimao very not easy to send this hot potato out, back to think about it or not at ease, and every day concerned about the news of the Tianshan earthquake front. This attention has been concerned for more than a month, and when the rescue operation was finally not so tense,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, Qiyun’s volunteer team also had a reporter to follow the interview, so the dusty Qiyun who could not see the color of his face was published in the newspaper and was seen by Qi Haimao, who was far away in Huaicheng.

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