Although this board meeting was extremely important, I kept a low profile and did not disturb the thousands of employees below. With the help of the Sodom oil project, Sky Group has regained the confidence of global investors. Sky Bank’s financial figures, for the first time in three gruelling years, show signs of improvement. The asset-liability ratio of the group began to decline, and the precious cash flow increased significantly. Arriving at the highest meeting room on the 88th floor, the members of the board of directors were sitting upright, with old faces and new promotions. They have long been convinced by my authority and are as submissive as a sheep when it comes to a lion-except for one person, Hilde, the financial director, our “little Sarkozy”. I sat in silence, glancing at everyone with a sullen face. Recent board meetings have been held in Asia, and for the first time back at headquarters in the United States, Sarkozy Jr. was absent again, apparently deliberately provocative. In the past, he has always taken the lead in opposing me, secretly colluding with the outside world and challenging my authority everywhere. However, he holds the financial power of the group and has intertwined interpersonal relationships. It is far more difficult to cut down this big tree than to overthrow the dictator of Sodom. I have been forbearing so far, but also for the sake of the internal stability of the group,inflatable amusement park, not to be taken advantage of by the mysterious Matrix because of internal strife. However, a recent undercover investigation has uncovered anomalies in the group’s cash flow, with some of the book figures being unusually high, raising suspicions of an inside job. Without waiting for me to ask, my global assistant Stauffenberg explained, “Mr. Hilde, the chief financial officer,Inflatable water park on lake, hasn’t been to the headquarters for a month. He talked to me on the phone three days ago and said that he was suddenly seriously ill and was being treated in a European hospital.” “The hospital?”? I haven’t seen him for a long time, and I really miss him very much. Everyone knows what I’m saying. “Make arrangements for me to fly out to visit patients.” “I don’t know.” Stauffenberg frowned at the Germanic golden brows. “Sorry, he didn’t say which hospital, not even which country.” I kept my anger in the dark, but every member of the board could feel my anger deeply through every millimeter of air. I calmly looked at the picture on the opposite wall-Monica, the former chairman of Sky Group, called yesterday to tell them to hang it up specially. Facing this beautiful face, her voice was still there. I was just wearing a high-energy mask, an empty shell of a walking corpse. What really flashed in my mind was the soul of her and the Lanling King family. After a long silence, I finally said: “This board meeting is mainly to discuss the financial problems of the group. Since Mr. Hilde is ill and unable to attend, the meeting will be cancelled and adjourned.” Midsummer night, Long Island, New York. Gao Siguo’s private manor now belongs entirely to me. However, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable amusement park, I was not born to live in luxury. Most of my staff had been laid off and all unnecessary expenses had been stopped. After months of absence, I was overgrown with weeds, just like a haunted house in a Gothic novel. But for my safety, a few days ago, dozens of bodyguards were sent to patrol day and night, fully armed, and a complete security system was rebuilt, including a three-meter-high infrared wall. I chose the most inconspicuous house, which was said to have never been used by Gao Siguo before his death. The decoration of the house was very ordinary, just like the most typical middle-class family in the United States, and there was no art display-all of which were auctioned and donated by me. Tens of meters outside the window is the house where Monica lived at the beginning, which still keeps everything intact before her death, and the maid cleans and tidies up every day. It seems that the only hostess of this manor is still enjoying her youth happily. I trembled and closed the window, never daring to look in that direction again, not daring to imagine her face. But tonight I believe that the beautiful eyes of the hybrid, with the melancholy fantasy of the Silk Road, are embedded in the depths of the night of the manor, watching my every move lovingly-even though I have moved on. Thinking of this, her chest was stuffy, as if her soul had floated behind her, waiting for me to turn around and offer her illusory red lips. Whether I can find the eyes or not, I will never be able to escape Monica’s shadow. Because everything I have now comes from her selfless and generous giving. What I owe Monica is more than I can ever repay in a lifetime.
Therefore, I implore the people I loved deeply to forgive my heartlessness in the other world and protect me to fulfill my promise to you! Wandering near midnight, I talked to Bai Zhanlong in Shanghai on the phone, but there was no news of Duanmu Qiubo. Wearily undressing for bed, the internal telephone rang: “Mr. Chairman, a lady wants to see you.” “Madam?” In the middle of the night, a “lady” came to visit my manor. No, how is that possible? “It’s the wife of Mr. Hilde, the chief financial officer.” “Her?” It was the wife of “Little Sarkozy”, the legendary beauty, but I never had a chance to see her. “Are you sure it’s her?” “Yes, two years ago, the financial director and his wife came to visit the manor, and she left a deep impression on us.” What is a deep impression? “Well, invite her in.” Five minutes later, I opened the door of the villa. A woman was wearing a black evening dress and a classical hat with a veil. All I could see was her hazy features. It was a mental illness to wear like that at night. Mrs. Hilde? “Yes.” Her English was spoken with a French accent. “Dear Chairman, it’s a great pleasure to meet you!” “Why come late at night?” “I have some important information. Can I talk to you alone?” Two of my bodyguards were standing beside her. I hesitated for a moment and nodded, letting the bodyguards guard the door of the villa. Mrs Hilde walked into the house and closed the door behind her, which made me a little embarrassed. Hilde is the biggest opposition in the group and the opponent I’m trying to get rid of, but his wife comes to my room in the middle of the night.. The bright light in the living room shows her concave and convex figure, which is so well maintained that she is like a little star who has just made her debut. I am always clumsy in the face of beautiful women, even if I have become a strong man with billions of wealth,Inflatable water park factory, I can’t help swallowing saliva: “Please-please sit down.” She sat on the sofa in a charming way, took off the black gauze cap beside her face, and revealed a face like a model. joyshineinflatables.com

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