After a moment of fire melting, the consciousness in the soul of Qinglong has already turned into nothingness, and at this moment the rest of the soul is only instinct. However, this gold and copper melting dragon not only has the body and spirit of the blue dragon, but also absorbs a wisp of divine fire from Yu. How powerful it is! Between its rolling, even the whole Kunlun is trembling! Looking at this melting dragon, Gu Qing already understood that Yu had been prepared, no matter whether this blue dragon was guilty or not, it was going to be refined into a melting dragon. Will become the driving force of the author’s creation, please work hard to cheer for the author! www.xiaoshuotXt,coM Chapter 4 See above for phase change. Chapter five meet each other Sky, Kunlun. Welcome! Haoming, who had previously taken the immortal soldiers to Taimingyu Wantian, appeared in the air, stepped on the immortal cloud, trembled in his immortal robe, and walked rapidly on the end of the Kunlun cloud. Seeing his dignified face and worried expression, it was obvious that something big had happened. At the top of the Kunlun Mountains, the gentle and vigorous voice of the immortal emperor sounded slowly: “Haoming, why are you so flustered?” Haoming stopped and prostrated himself on the cloud. “Your Majesty,” he said hurriedly! Haoming has just noticed that the inflammation of Jiuyou has been rekindled in the world! The Kunlun Mountains were empty. After a moment, the immortal emperor said, “Let it go. It’s not a big deal.” Haoming was in a great hurry and said, “Your Majesty, how can the inflammation of Jiuyou be a trivial matter?”? Once the fire spreads,white marble slabs, the consequences will be unimaginable! I’m afraid there’s only one nine trolls left in the end of the world. Your Majesty, you must plan early! The immortal emperor still spoke calmly. “Isn’t there Yu in the lower world at this time? Let him handle it.” “How can this be done?” Haoming was in a hurry and did not care about courtesy. Before the immortal emperor’s voice fell, he interrupted loudly. Immediately, he calmed down a little and slowed down his tone and said, “Your Majesty is wise. Yu has always been proud of himself. Although the immortal method is strong, it is not very safe to handle affairs.”. How important is the reappearance of the inflammation of Jiuyou? How can there be any mistake? Only a little difference, lost the trace of the inflammation of nine quiet, where to find in the future? The human world is vast,Marble Projects, and the inflammation of Jiuyou is the best at plundering and hiding. If it becomes a climate, even if it exhausts the gas of chaos, millions of heavenly soldiers will be exhausted, and I’m afraid it’s in vain! The immortal emperor laughed and said, “What do you say?” Haoming hesitated for a moment and said in a loud voice, “I would like to go down to the mortal world and extinguish the fire of Jiuyou before it starts a prairie fire.” The Immortal Emperor said leisurely, “There is no connection between the overbearing Yan of the Nine Youths and all the realms of the Six Ways, and there is nothing that can restrict them.”. Think that under the afterlife, how vast and vast the land of Jiuyou is, which is comparable to my immortal world Xuanhuang, but it can only accommodate thirteen trolls. Haoming, think about it, how can such a domineering thing last forever in the world? “I understand that, too,” said Hao Ming. But the inflammation of Jiuyou has indeed been ignited in the world. Can’t we just let it go like this? The Immortal Emperor was silent for a moment and then said, “Under the Great Way, all things go their own way.”. Since the inflammation of Jiuyou is not a human thing, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Agate Stone Price, it will not take long for it to go out by itself. You don’t have to worry too much. Haoming wanted to say something else, but the wind was blowing again above the Kunlun Mountains. Knowing that the immortal emperor’s divine consciousness had returned, he had no choice but to stand up with a deep sigh. He said bitterly, “Who is in charge of the lower world? It’s Yu!”! If it’s a big deal this time, I’d like to see how you explain it to Da Luo Tianjun! In the underworld, the ever-dark sky suddenly lit up with a very dazzling fire. A wave of fire rolled down and crashed down outside the south gate of the city. The flames were flaming, but several breaths had melted the black iron gate of the city, which was several feet thick. The black rock ground outside the gate had melted into a huge pit with a radius of a hundred feet and a depth of more than ten feet. Fire such as sharp, more blind the city head I don’t know how many ghost soldiers will eyes. Under the astounded gaze of a few ghosts who were far superior to each other, a beautiful and beautiful woman floated out of the sky fire! She only glanced at ChengTou at will, all the Yin soldiers will all feel that she is looking at himself, Yin Qi in the chest immediately frenzied up, his face is black and blue, just didn’t lose his temper to jump down the wall, just to see her nearby.. Tens of thousands of ghost service Yin pawn howled from ChengTou, fell into the raging fire, in a twinkling of an eye was refined even without a trace of ash.
The gap on the wall of the city grew from small to big, and in a twinkling of an eye it had expanded to ten miles in size, but the phoenix was not satisfied, and the fire rushed forward until a flat land ten miles wide and a hundred miles long was opened in the city. Half of the Palace of the King of Hell of King Guang of Qin was torched. With a long cry of contentment, the phoenix folded its wings and fell to the ground, its head drooping and dozing lazily. At the head of the capital, the King of Hell and all the imps in the Ten Palaces, who had escaped by luck, looked at the weak water behind the phoenix, and their hearts were already lost. Weak water, all things sink to the bottom, a piece of feather does not cross, the phoenix actually burned the weak water that never stopped for hundreds of miles with Yin fire, so that he could cross the river calmly! Su floated to the ground, along the open and smooth road opened up by Ming Feng, Shi Shiran went to the capital city. Only then did the King of Hell of the Ten Palaces wake up and know in his heart that he could never provoke this beautiful ancestor. He immediately used his magical powers and jumped down from the ten-mile high wall one by one and landed in front of Su. The emperor of the Song Dynasty judged the hour and sized up the situation, immediately knelt down on the ground, and made a big gift, shouting “Sister” in his mouth. Su Dengshi beamed and, surrounded by the King of Hell, came to the main hall of the Wheel King and sat down. Most of the palace of King Guang of Qin has been destroyed, but it is impossible to go. Su sat down on the central throne, while the King of Hell stood on both sides, acting modestly and speaking cautiously like a ghost in the temple. Su also not much nonsense, directly ordered the King of Hell to take Ji Ruochen’s life and death book, carefully look at it. However, a thick book of records, ninety-nine generations of life and death turned over, in addition to more than ten generations of early death, but did not see anything worth writing. After closing the book, Sue closed her eyes and meditated. There was a moment of silence in the hall, and no ghost dared to breathe more. Finally, Sue put the bookkeeping aside, frowned and asked, “Where is the bookkeeping before the ninety-ninth generation?” The Wheel King replied cautiously, “Sister Qi Bingsu,Agate Slabs For Sale, the underworld department only has the bookkeeping of the ninety-ninth generation of Ji Ruochen, and there is no more in front of it.”. Welcome! Sue looked cold and sneered, “Nonsense!”! Could it be that he has only failed in this ninety-nine generations? What’s your name? You dare to lie in front of me. You really have a lot of courage! 。 forustone.com

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